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  • Overseas Agents: How to avoid getting ripped-off

    Published 16th May 2007

    “Choose your overseas property agent wisely” cautions Chintan Mahida of Nubricks

  • Beginner’s Guide: Mortgages

    Published 15th May 2007

    The choice has never been greater, but, for British homebuyers, finding the right mortgage has also never been more complicated..

  • Gap between energy giants ‘narrowing’

    Published 14th May 2007

    Despite a much-hyped second price cut and 11 per cent more satisfied customers, British Gas are still bottom of the pile

  • Ten ways to save energy in the home

    Published 12th May 2007

    From 1st June, all homes coming on to the market in England and Wales will need to have a HIP, which will contain an Energy Performance Certificate, rating the energy-efficiency of the property from A to G

  • Looking for a truly green investment?

    Published 10th May 2007

    Located in Botswana, just north of South Africa, the 32,500 hectare Limpopo-Lipadi reserve is one of the largest private wildlife conservation projects in Southern Africa today

  • Booming Brazil bursting with hotspots

    Published 10th May 2007

    The report for a Portuguese language magazine revealed that three of these towns are in Bahia in the North East of Brazil, Belmonte in Bahia, Aquiraz in Ceara and Sao Miquel do Gostoso in Rio Grande Do Norte

  • Seven deadly remortgaging sins

    Published 09th May 2007

    Remortgaging usually crosses people’s minds when they come to the end of their initial ‘lock in’ period



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